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Marina Sturdza, winner of the EU’s 2005 European Women of Achievement Humanitarian Award, and of the 2009 Avon Award for Humanitarian work in Romania, and Save The Children, Romania’s 2010 special achievement award for her work in child protection, is President of Marina Sturdza Enterprises, and of Summits International. The companies specialize in corporate strategic planning, government liaison, business intelligence services, market development, brand management and marketing, licensing, fund-raising, media relations, conference and event management, and especially in cultural and charitable consultancies. While the firm works world-wide, current assignments focus extensively on emerging markets in Eastern Europe, especially Romania.

Marina Sturdza is also editor-at-large for a number of Eastern European business publications. She is patron of the international charity Hope and Homes for Children (active in10 countries), patron of “The Hospices of Hope”, the international hospice and palliative care centre organization, patron of “Medical Support in Romania”, a U.K.-based charity which provides medical equipment, professional expertise and funding to medical institutions in Romania, a member of the board of “ Pro Patrimonio” (US and Romanian boards), a Romanian Foundation to promote the preservation of Romanian lands and the built heritage of historical value, modeled after the National Trust of Great Britain, Patron of the “Sfantul Dumitru” Children’s Day Care Centre, and patron of “FARA”, the Romanian Children Fund, and acts as a consultant to several child protection agencies, working internationally.

She is a member of the advisory board of the “Generation Europe Foundation”, the Brussels–based youth development project. In 2006, in collaboration with the Generation Europe Foundation, the European Commission in Romania, the Romanian Government, and the Romanian Institute of Education Sciences, she organized the production and distribution of a Romanian edition of the “Europa Diary”, a Pan-European educational project that linked Romania’s 15 to 18-year old students to their European peers, in preparation for Romania’s accession.

Marina Sturdza was elected Deputy Chairman of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and has served the BRCC in that capacity for several years. Most recently, the BRCC Board appointed her as BRCC’s Patron for Corporate Social Responsibility.

She currently also works in collaboration with museums, art galleries, craft organizations, and many other cultural and charitable institutions. As well, she assists Corporations in structuring civic responsibility, aid and support programs.